5 Tips for Keeping Your Senior Dog Safe This Winter

Did you know that senior dogs are more susceptible to the cold? Just like people, older dogs have more difficulty regulating their body temperatures as they age which can put them at a higher risk for hypothermia and other cold-weather illnesses.

With creaky bones, arthritis, slippery ice, paw damage from salt, and joint problems, our senior snouts may need a little more help weathering the cold.

How to keep your senior dog warm in the winter cold and snow

So how can you help your senior snout stay warm today?

5 Cold Weather Tips for Senior Dogs

Keep your senior snout protected this winter with five easy tips.

Limit their exposure to the outside cold

Time outside should be limited to going potty. If it’s too cold for YOU to go for a walk, it’s too cold for them.

Break out the sweaters!

Now, this is just the cutest solution ever. Bundle your pup up in a cozy sweater to stay warm!

Plug in your heated blanket and keep it on the lowest setting

If you have a heated blanket, plug it in and allow your pets to access it if they want. Make sure they have the option to get off the blanket to avoid overheating.

Protect their feet when they go outside with doggie booties

If you have dog booties, use ’em! And always clean your dog’s paws off when they come inside. This will help dislodge any chunks of ice or salt spray.

Give them extra treats

Dogs use energy to keep their bodies warm, so more calories help them do that.

Bonus tip: Extra Snuggles

And, of course, ALL THE SNUGGLES help too : )

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Colorado Senior Dog Rescue and Hospice

Colorado Senior Dog Rescue and Hospice is a  volunteer-run, foster-based animal welfare organization dedicated to rescuing senior dogs.


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