10 Reasons Why You Should Foster A Senior Dog

Senior dogs are the most often overlooked in animal shelters and are typically the first to be euthanized. But here at Colorado Senior Dog Rescue and Hospice, we believe senior snouts are where it’s at.

10 Reasons Why You Should Foster A Senior Dog

A big part of what we do here at CSDRH is saving senior dogs from shelters and placing them in foster homes.

Have you ever considered fostering a senior dog? Here are the ten reasons why you should foster a senior dog.

Senior dogs are typically more low-key

In our experience, senior dogs are older, wiser, and are less trouble than their puppy counterparts. They typically come with some training from their previous lives, and even if they don’t, they pick up new tricks quickly! They have less energy, are generally more chill, and don’t require as much exercise as younger pups do.

You’re saving a senior dog’s life

We’re not being dramatic here, but fostering dogs truly saves lives. Right now, there are more animals in need of a home than there is space at shelters. That means everyday dogs are being euthanized because the resources and homes aren’t available. Fostering a senior dog in need allows a space to open up in a shelter to a homeless dog in need.

It’s less stressful on a senior dog

Living in a foster home is MUCH less stressful for senior dogs than living in an animal shelter. Animal shelters are loud, noisy, and scary, especially for old dogs who can be more sensitive to change and activity. Living in a foster home helps the upheaval and trauma of loosing their home a little bit easier.

It helps prepare the senior dog for their next home

For adoptable senior dogs, living in a home rather than a shelter helps prepare them to transition to their adoptive home more smoothly. Being in a home setting allows your foster dog to adjust to the sounds, smells, and activities of a home. At home, you can also work on crate training and manners to give them a head start.

Getting the know the dog’s personality helps place them in the best adoptive home

A lot of people hesitate to adopt a shelter dog because they don’t know what they’re getting into. Knowing nothing about a dog’s temperament or behavior can prevent people from adopting older dogs. When a senior dog is in a foster home, that foster home is able to get to know the dog and give a more detailed report to potential adopters. The more information that is known about the dog, the higher chance it will be a successful and permanent adoption.

It keeps senior dogs healthy and active

Senior dogs can easily become depressed and shut down in a shelter environment. By fostering a senior dog you’re helping them stay healthy and active while living out their golden years.

It’s a rewarding experience

Taking in a senior dog and giving them the love, attention, and nutrition they deserve is an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only will you feel fulfilled by caring for a dog in need, but dogs also have so much to teach us about love and trust. Fostering senior dogs is a rewarding experience for both the foster dog and the foster parent.

You’re giving back to your community

Fostering homeless senior dogs is volunteer work that is giving back to your community. Every community member has different skills – some work in public service, some work with veterans, and some work in animal welfare. Fostering a senior dog is one way you can give back to your community in a way that fits your lifestyle.

Senior dogs require less time and supervision

Older dogs typically require less exercise and less supervision than puppies do. They’ve already seen a thing or two, have a few manners, and are most content warming their old bones in the sun.

Senior dogs are very grateful

Senior dogs have seen a thing or two in their lifetime. They know what’s good living and when the living gets tough. In our experience, senior dogs are so thankful for their fosters and adopters. They make sure you know it by offering love and trust when earned. Gaining trust and love from a senior dog is the best feeling in the world.

Have you considered fostering a senior dog? We’re always looking for loving foster homes for the senior dogs we rescue here at Colorado Senior Dog Rescue and Hospice. Learn more here.

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Colorado Senior Dog Rescue and Hospice is a  volunteer-run, foster-based animal welfare organization dedicated to rescuing senior dogs.


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